Welcome to my new website and my new blog.

In this blog, I will be writing on a variety of subjects, including giving you snapshots of the text of my new book. I will also be addressing the major health issues of our day and how to reduce the stresses that cause us to have clogged up flow systems in our bodies that result in bad health. If you have started a treatment with me and you need extra supplies of herb capsules, these can be obtained from www.mingherbs.com or by emailing me at mail@hang-wang.com

I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog, following my advice, and gradually starting to realise just how much healthier you can become.


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Hang Wang

"The way I approach healing - and life in general - is in synthesizing the mystical, energetic experiences of the East with that of Western scientific knowledge. When used in combination, and if the proper tools are available, these two – sometimes seemingly opposing approaches - complement each other and make many things possible."

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