The Art of Radiant Health, Chapter 2: Nutrition

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Some Notes and Words from Hang

Of all the sections in this book, perhaps the more challenging chapter to write is this one on nutrition.  Partly because there are so many ideas about what you should or should not eat.  And the fact that everyone believes they got the ideal diet and everyone else should follow exactly how they do it.  And there is so much dogma surrounds food choices.

Therefore I feel it necessary to write this foreword regarding this part of the book.

I am hoping in this chapter to present information and my observations as to the strength and weaknesses of different promoted diet of the day.  I could really careless how you choose to eat and approach this equation other than if you think something you are doing is enhancing your health then more power to you.

One thing you may choose to respect is the human system is part of the 5 elements of water, fire, earth, wind and space.  Our system is a microcosm of the greater macrocosm which operates under the laws of Yin and Yang.  Yin and Yang is the duality that manifests in every aspect of created reality.

In practical application when you have someone who in yin, deficient and cold the last thing you would suggest to them is a lot of vegetables, green juices and salads.  Because veggies are cooling and would further deepen their already yin constitution.

People who are overly Yin, and deficient in Yang would benefit from bone broth, liver and meat.

On the other hand you would not suggest people who are overly Yang to eat too much meat and take strong tonic herbs like Korean Red Ginseng for example because this would exacerbate their already yang constitution.

Overly Yang people could benefit from a predominantly cooling, veggies and fruits diet for as long as it is needed.

Universe, just like us, always seeks balance.  When we have balance we have harmony and health.  When we are not in balance then we start toward the road of dis-ease.  There are many levels of balance depending on the level of qi and consciousness we want to live in.  

All of this takes understanding, patient work, wisdom to listen to your body and courage to step onto the needed changes despite the dogmas that other spout.

Keep in mind the saying, “one man’s food is another man’s poison.”

When clients come to see me my job to figure out what is out of balance in their system and how to bring that balance back.  Maybe it is because my practice is in Ubud, Bali where vegan and vegetarian diets are highly promoted that I see many deficient and weak people.

Whatever the reasons are that vegan and vegetarianism did to work for them, perhaps they are doing it incorrectly but by the time they come to see me they are usually not in a good space health wise.  For many I often recommend fish, chicken, liver, bone broth, rare red meat as the quickest way to bounce back to good health.

For without good health, what do you have?

In my own practice, I believe everything has it’s value.  It’s a matter of having enough understanding to apply things with wisdom as the seasons of life changes and as needs arise.

I perceive things in terms of what do I need to handle the job at hand.  If the job requires a screw driver why would I choose to use a hammer?

Thereby I do not believe in dogmas of any type.  Whether it’s in food, religion, politic, etc.  I choose to live in a free flowing  reality and act as needed when the moment arises.

It’s that simple.


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Hang Wang

"The way I approach healing - and life in general - is in synthesizing the mystical, energetic experiences of the East with that of Western scientific knowledge. When used in combination, and if the proper tools are available, these two – sometimes seemingly opposing approaches - complement each other and make many things possible."

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  1. Iam a 93 year old male and still moderately fit and a few aches and pains

    I have been I involved in mental and physical growth for many years

    I find your very detailed approach to life on this planet fits with all the good approaches I have seen but yours is so much more detailed and covers virtually all the subjects I have been involved in .
    I really look forward to your complete book when it is published


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