The Art of Radiant Health, Chapter 1: Health

Table of Contents

Keep an Open Mind

There are many layers of health that is possible.  At one point in the younger years most of us had experienced the apex of our physical health and afterwards some degrees of declines.  We are all told that is the normal process of aging, but is it?

Fortunate are those who are young and are informed enough to take care of their health at an early age before the ravage of time and lifestyle take their undeniable toll.  For most of us who do our best at the moment in time trying to live and do the best we can with what we know, most often the information we had was inadequate or often false that we thought was true.

Thus the learning curve in how to take care of this body, and overall system.  And sometimes the cost of our lessons at the body level is irreversible.  For it takes a lot of curiosity, open mindedness, the will to experiment, the fortune of stumbling upon good knowledge that is useful and the good karma to live what is learned.

We are swimming in a sea of information when it comes to health issues.  Often times different ideas completely contradict each other.  The different proponents are more than certain that their way is the only way for everyone and there is no two ways about it.   

How do we know what is good for us and what is not?  For after all, all we wanted to do our best to be and remain healthy.

Perhaps all the dietary ideas are right and are wrong.  We must ask ourselves at this very moment what does our body need?  Our current state of health determines what we need to put into our body.  For example, if our body is toxic and too yang then we need to have lighter food like fruit and vegetable and detox herbs.  If our body is weak and deficient then we may need heavier food like bone broth and organ meat to rebuild it.

Could it be possible that what you need to eat depends on who you are?  your age?  current health condition?  your gender?  level of physical activity?  life stresses?  where you live?  your climate?  your overall environment? your job? your financial condition?  just to name a few factors.

But the one thing we all should respect the old school saying of,“one man’s food is another man’s poison.” is ever so true.  We tend to get hurt in the long run when our mind gets stuck in dietary dogmas instead of listening to the body and adjusting accordingly.

Radiant Health for Life

It’s easy to be confident about health when a person is in the 20s’, 30s’, 40s’ and even 50s’.  But to have vibrant health into the 80s’, 90s’, dare we say 100 years of life and beyond will take some work.

Long term good health does not just happen unless you are endowed with a strong constitution and knows how to preserve that treasure.  Many people in their 20s’ and 30s’ can still ride on the strong hormone and after that runs its course it will down to knowledge of health, lifestyle discipline and the daily doing of it that will determine whether we enter the later years with a vibrant functional body or a half broken or broken, diseased body.

Here is a short list of things that you must adopt and make as a normal part of your lifestyle.

Receive proper nourishment for your current needs.

Cleanse your body semi-annually or at the very least annually.

Use tonic herbs and superfood to support your sereystem. 

4.   Drink only alkaline water.

5.   Eliminate all junk food and drink.

6.   Get an adequate amount of exercise regularly.

7.   Reduce stress.

8.   Get educated and stay updated on health.

The basics list above will keep your physical body relatively healthy.  You do not necessarily need to do anything fancy to have good health.  Just be persistent in living the things listed above can take you a long way.

To get your system that extra voltage and spark of life you have to explore and do the following.

Get hip with some kind of Qi practice like Qi Gong or Tai Chi Chuan.

Practice meditation

Follow your heart journey.

Work to release your life traumas

Your Vitality is in Your Hormonal Glands

Your body’s hormonal glands, the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, adrenal and at some level your pancreas all work together in a very complex symphony every second of the day to keep you in good health.  They define who you are physiologically.

Your hormonal life peaks at around 16-18 years old.  That is when you should be at the peak of your physical health and virility.  And in the early, mid twenties you can ride the hormonal train and your body can take all sorts of abuses like alcohol, drug, partying all night, etc and bounce back the next day feeling good enough to back to work or other life routines.

After this hormonal peak and plateau into your mid 20s’ your hormonal strength would start to slide downwards.  How steep the slide down depends greatly on your lifestyle, stress level and initial constitutional strength endowed by your parents.

How well you live and well your body function at any age depends greatly on your hormonal strength.

If you maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle and do most of things listed in the previous chapter then you will slide into your 40s’ and 50’s and beyond with good physical health and looking much younger than your years.

If on the other hand you have lived a life of chronic stress plus a poor diet and putting into your body all the good things that the modern life can offer like pharmaceuticals, alcohol, drugs, coffee and a sleuth of chemicals that should not enter your body in the first place then chances are your hormonal system would go into a steep decline.  Your may be in your 30s’ or 40s’ but your internal function is that of a 60 years old and dis-ease start to rear it’s ugly head.

Unfortunately most of us did not have the information and wisdom in the early years to preserve our vital essence.   And life demands and stresses do play a big role in our learning curve.

Fortunately there is much you can do at any age to stop and even reverse this decline.

What You Are Up Against

Being healthy is your God given right.  Nowadays you really have to get informed and work diligently to be in a good health.  It’s an investment of time, energy, open mindedness and money.  But all is well invested because if you face the alternative of high health care cost and all the pain no suffering connected with it then invest in health is the only sane choice.

To get to good health you have to have some understanding of what are the built in factors that stand in your way.  There is a reason why sickness is the number one industry in the world.  Here is a short list of items that negatively impact your body daily.

Depleted soil that grows nutritionally empty food.

Processed food, anything you can open in a bag, can, etc are nutritionally inferior.

Most of the water we have to drink is either toxic or acidic.

Air pollution.  Both indoor and outdoor.  We do not get enough fresh, pure air.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) is everywhere shredding our DNA.

Toxic vaccines if you had them in your system already and/or still getting them.

Artificial hormones, especially xeno-estrogen, that are in everything from personal care products to food.

Stop Chasing Symptoms

Suffering Could Be Good

The essence of suffering from disease, pain and weakness is not good in many senses.  And at the same time suffering is the greatest motivator for us to seek, not only ways to improve our health, but to look beyond our limited reality box that we choose to put ourselves in.

Reality is infinite, even while in this physical body, and in a sense specially in this physical body.  It is here, in material matter that we have the opportunity to experience and be both spirit and matter.  A unique phenomenon.

So suffering whether physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual is our best friend.  Through it, if we approach it well, lies our liberation, mastery of being a true human.  This is no small task but it is the primary reason why we are all here whether we know it or not and consciously or unconsciously live life.  

A Deeper Approach to Health

It would be disingenuous for me to say that to be healthy and radiant all you need is good nutrition, some herbs and an adequate amount of regular exercise because there is more to the story.

When we try to improve our health from the angles of nutrition, herbs and even pharmaceuticals what we are really doing is fiddling with the biochemical aspect of ourselves.  This is how we are trained not only in allopathic medicine but in alternative modalities.  You go to see someone because you have certain symptoms and chances are you will walk out with a certain amount of drugs or herbs and hope that would solve your problems so you can keep on with life.

What you are usually not told is that your symptoms could be primarily caused by past unreleased traumas, stagnant emotions, scar tissues, mental tightness, stress, and that you are living the life you need to or your spouse or partner is killing you literally, etc, etc.  

Or the place you live has bad fang shui, under negative geopathic stress; and that you are bombarded with Electro Magnetic Fields EMF from your cell phone, lap top and all the wifi from your home and neighbours and worse yet you live near a cell phone tower, that are frying your DNA 24/7.

If you step on concrete day in and day out and rarely walk barefoot in soil whether its in a park, your back yard, the beach, etc, you literally exist in a Faraday Cage.  What this means is that you are cut off from the healthy earth resonance such as the Telloric Current, Schuman Waves that you need to harmonise your body’s energetic system.  This is why in the old days when a person get sick their doctor would suggest they go to recuperate in the country side where the air if fresh, water is pure and you in nature.  Nature will help with the bodily healing.

If your body is out of balance with all or some of the above above issues, nutrition and herbs would be helpful but that only won’t take you to the realm of radiant health.

Exploring Your Bio-Energetics System

You are qi, life force.

So why humanity is ever taught about this and practices to enhance it?

Your physical body, emotional and mental states are all determined by the level of qi flowing in your body.  If the qi is low then you will feel tired and unwell.  If it’s chronically low then your internal organs, hormonal glands and everything else in your body start to lose function.  If your qi is acutely low then you may risk serious illness and even death,

Putting it in a more positive light, your overall function as a sentient system depends on qi.

Should it not be the main objective in all of our lives to build a relationship with our inner and cosmic qi and to cultivate it to make it stronger.

But we don’t.  Human existence is mostly about how to destroy our body with all the toxic food and drink we throw into our body, put on our skin, and stress.  There is a reason why those who know say stress is the #1 killer.

Isn’t it time for you start with getting hip about your life force?  For your life and health really depend on it.

Looking Beyond Herbs and Nutrition

The human system and all of physical manifestation are energy.  If we approach our health from this perspective then we may be able to grasp the reason why our body get diseased, we lose energy and we lose our God given power.

To approach good health from the angle of nutrition, herbology and exercise is very good, but incomplete. To do all of the above may bring good health but not radiancy.

For to become radiant you have to do work on your nutrition, do the herbs as needed and get adequate exercise,  AND cultivate your qi through qi gong, tai chi chuan, silent meditation, and at some level pranayama.

The biggest thing that stand in the way of many people to arrive at radiant health is stress. Stress from life activities and stress from past unreleased traumas.

In the Esoteric books it is said that the initial friction between what your soul wish to lead you and where your personality through it’s fear and limitation actually keeps you, is the source of all diseases. The above statement should be pondered deeply and you may ask yourself, ”Is this life I am living now the one that really turns me on?”  If not, get busy and make the needed changes so you will one day live the life you always wanted to lead.

It would be wise for you to explore all of the above, and especially if your body shows signs of disease or your body is already in the disease state. 

You Are The Creator of Your Reality

This is something that none of us learned from our great mind control school system.  Every human on the planet is trained to be a cog in the machinery.  If you have this inner sense that you no longer wanted to be a cog in this machinery or the matrix system (just to be hip), then it’s time you start to wake up and do something about it.

We are all trained that life is such and you should do your best to survive it, get your weekend off, your 2-3 weeks of vacation a year, some pleasure and entertainment while we trudge along being a productive worker so the mass of consumers can buy stuff that they do not really want or need.

What you are never taught in any of the schools, prestigious or otherwise, is you are the master of not only your life but your reality.  The human potential is phenomenal.  We all have been had by the control system that make us believe that we are insigniacantin the grand scheme of things.

Get healthy and if you already are, great.  Start to explore your inner space and learn to focus your mind and have a relationship with your qi.  This is where you will, with dedication, some level of humility, good karma in finding the right information, you will tap into your true self.

The more you connect with your true self the more you will awaken to everything and changes will unfold on its own.

Fear The Great Obstacle or Door

Fear is an illusion.

All of you are born with love and joy.  You see this in children.  They live joy and freedom spontaneously without having to be taught how to do it.

Fear is a learned response, thanks to our parents, religious, state and educational institutions.

Yes fear does serve the purpose of preventing us from harm in some circumstances and it does have it’s evolutionary value.  It has more control of the system when you live in the regular matrix world.   

Once a personis connected with the soul personality then life has a natural way of flowing and fear is not so needed as a teacher and guide.

To get to this soul connected life you have to overcome fear.  It is the obstacle and one of the greatest teachers.

We fear because we lack trust and faith, lack connection with your higher self and you have not yet mastered the tenet of “you are the master of our reality.”

Fear is a weak root chakra issue which deals with money, survival and the feeling of lack.  Lack has little to do with how much money or wealth you have.  It has more to do with poverty consciousness.  I have met some wealthy people who are poor and poor people who are generous and thereby wealthy.

Fear is the thing that prevents many from stepping over to the life that they dream of.

If you feel stuck in life, would it not block your creative force?  making your system stagnant?  Suppressing your emotions and mental creativity?  Could this be linked to all the negative emotions and self defeating thought patterns you are experiencing?  Could it make you tired and sick?

Getting Into The Flow

All of you are here to express your fullest Divine potential within this lifetime.  On the days or occasions when you can let go of your fears and uncertainties you may experience a certain natural flow in life.

You may often experience this phenomenon more when you are on vacation, especially in places closer to nature.  Sometimes whatever and whoever you thought you need just show up in front of you without your seeking or working for it.

This is a demonstration of the natural flow in your reality.

The scary thing is you can live like this all the time when you stay in tune with yourself, your qi.

For this to happen you have to think and live outside of the box.  You cannot be living in fear and insecurity and hoping that somehow everything will drop onto your lap like manna from heaven.

Instead of thinking “I need to job,” think what can I contribute that can add value to other’s lives.  Or how can I leverage my natural talents to support my financial needs.  Or go for the job of your dream, why not?

Here I talk about career and personal finance because at the basic level this is where most of our concerns are, with the basic stuff.  When you got the basics down then you can work to expand upward because everything cost something whether it’s money or time or energy.

There is a natural state which you can arrive at where life just flows.  If you look back there might have been moments in the past where such things happen.  It happens in sports and you hear athletes talk about being in rhythm.   And this flow can just be how your life is.  It’s really a beautiful thing and a beautiful way to live.

Matter a fact, all the difficulties you experience is because you are not in the flow.   To get to the state where your life would flow seamlessly and effortlessly will take work and the overcoming of your fears, but life leads you there anyway.   The personal choice comes whether you will succumb to your fears and limitations and cowed by circumstances in life or you rise up like a roaring lion and take matter into your own hands.  Isn’t this what all the old scriptures talk about in regard to fate and freewill.  The power and choices have been yours all along if you choose to seize it.

With some awareness and diligence you can cross this chasm where the invisible bridge that is hidden from your view because of fear and it will catch your steps as you courageous walk forth.

Would you think that your life force would flow differently once you step into your power?

Is Your Life Killing You?

No, seriously.

Do you hate your job?  Is your spouse/partner killing you?  Is the food you are eating making you sick?  Do you feel lonely or sad?  And the many things in life that you do for the sake of doing and not excited about.

Do you think that these disharmonies in your life would suppress your body’s optimal functions?  You betcha.

Outer life is a reflection of the inner life and is expressed in your state of health and state of qi.  Your qi is suppressed your you are not expressing your full divine potential.  

This translates into living the life that turns you on every morning when you wake up and every moment of the day.  If you get to this space then your whole being will shine.  

So what is stopping you?  You mostly.

You are here to live joy, love and freedom.

One of my dear karmic brothers just passed last year in his apartment in Los Angeles.  I had invited him for a couple of years to come visit Bali and Auroville with me, to breath another air, feel another vibe and experience and maybe live another possibility.

But every time the same story.  The wify is too sensitive to travel, the father in law is in the 90’s and ready to pass on his big house after he kicks the bucket…..

And all of a sudden he was gone.  This is a common story.  People toil because of this and that, the health thing can wait, the better life can wait just because of whatever…..

Then a heart attack, brain haemorrhage, cancer, or sudden death and no more need to seek for something better.

So what are you waiting for?

What is Trauma?

I can only define it in the way that I understand it and work with it.  Other people may have a variation of meaning toward this term and topic.

Trauma is any experiences that your system found overwhelming and cannot process at the time it occurred.  If your system did not release the tension built up from the trauma then this tension will alter your physiology and the way you interact with your outer reality.

All animals, humans included, have a built in mechanism in dealing with life threatening experiences.  If we cannot fight or flight then chances are we go into a frozen state.  You may have seen it in nature videos where a deer got caught by a tiger.  The tiger decided to not yet killed the deer and wanted to take the deer to a safer eating place.

The deer goes into a frozen state where it’s breath and heart beat almost stop.  The tiger thinks the deer is dead but it is not.  The deer just get into an out of body state to reduce or not feel the pain when the tiger tears into it’s flesh.

On the other hand sometimes the tiger would get distracted and leave the deer on the ground thinking that it’s dead and go toward the source of distraction.

Meanwhile this gives the deer time to awake from the frozen state and escape.

All of us had been through some degree of this frozen state.  It could be we lost our wallet, or a dear one, a job, or got into an accident, etc,.  The quality of time and how our senses perceive that immediate reality is different.  You can say one is in shock.  A bit out of body and shaken.

Unwinding the Nervous System

Getting back to the story of the deer.  I once saw a video from National Geographic of this exact story where the deer gets up from the frozen state.  You can see the deer trembling and then shake intensely all over the body then nonchalantly walked away as if nothing had happened.

Something interesting that researchers of this phenomenon observed; that all wild animals do this type of unwinding except for humans and zoo animals.  Dwell on this for a moment.

Human society, especially in the more “civilized” countries, do not allow space for this to happen.  You are taught to not cry and show emotions.  Everything is always fine and in control.  Maybe we need to do a collective loss of control then perhaps our world would spin a little gentler and happier.  

So everything is held inside.  Like a pressure cooker sitting on a burner  with the lid tightly shut.  Little wonder that every so often somebody goes postal somewhere.  If people are not allowed to release eventually a valve will malfunction and pent up steam will get released.

Right after or soon after an traumatic incident if the system does not have the chance to release the coiled up tension then that tension will get stored in the body.  This tension will alter not only your mind pattern but how your body is held together and your subconscious interaction with life.

Basically it alters the way your nervous system functions.  Your nervous system shifts into sympathetic dominance.

How Your Trauma and Sympathetic Nervous System Owns You

Many people come to see me with their symptoms and aches and pains and hoping for that magical herbal formula or that amazing supplement or that ideal diet that someone wrote about to solve all their problems.

Sometimes it works this way and often time more is needed.

Beyond what herbs and nutrition can do to address toxicity, acidity and deficiency in a system many need to work on their qi.

If qi is not flowing smoothly in your body then your blood circulation and your nervous network  would naturally be congested.  The sin turn effect the proper functions of your hormonal glands, internal organs and all your cells.

What is the main cause of qi stagnation in the body?  Life stress and stress from unresolved traumas.

When your system is under constant stress nothing works properly because your nervous is most like locked in the sympathetic mode.  This is because your bodily functions work optimally when you are relaxed.

Normally your body should be able to regulate between the relaxation and stress mode.  When you are in situations where you need more juice then your adrenals will give you a shot of adrenaline so you would get a rush of blood, sugar and oxygen into the system that would give you more strength and speed to respond to the situation at hand.  This is evolutionarily good and helped with the survival of the species when you need to hunt for food or run from a predator.

This is the emergency system that your body uses when needed once in a long while to keep you from harm.  After these events your body should switch back into the relaxation mode to allow your body to function normally.

The problem with modern life and how stress wrecks your health is we push this emergency button all the time.  Too much stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in the body will kill you sooner rather than later as they create havoc in your body in many ways, quickly burn out your system.

Some of you may have experienced it yourself or have seen it in others who went through a certain period of stress and they aged quickly within a short time.  When under stress the body breaks down faster.

Unresolved trauma makes your system remain in a constant fight and flight state.  Normally your autonomic nervous system should be able to switch between the relaxation/parasympathetic and stress/sympathetic as needed.  But chronic stress in general changed your physiology and alter the way your body can modulate between these modes.

And the main reasons for this?

Your adrenals control the autonomic nervous system, which is the sympathetic and parasympathetic.  When your adrenals are weak which is pretty much applied to 95% of humanity nowadays then your body will have difficulty modulating between the two nervous states.

Sympathetic Dominance and All Your Ills and Aches

Your body works optimally when it is in the parasympathetic state/relaxation.

A little digression.

A foreigner once approached a local islander laying on the hammock and said “,you have a good coconut selling business.  Why don’t you hire a few more people and make your business bigger so you can make more money and retire early?”

The islander looks at the foreigner with understanding and patient eyes and said, “I could make the businesss a lot bigger by hiring more people to work.  When the business becomes successful I can buy the coconut farm and hire more workers.  Then I will make the big bucks so I can retire to an island like this and lay on the hammock all day as I please.  Isn’t this what I am doing now?.

The foreigner looks perplexed for a moment and the islander goes on,”Why would I want to stress out and put up with all the headaches just so that I can do something in the future when I am already there?”

None of your normal bodily functions work properly when your system is under sympathetic dominance.  All the gut issues from BIS to leaky to weak stomach to constipation to watery stool; nervous system issues, low energy, TMJ, teeth grinding, bad sleep, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, excessive mental chatter, on and on.  

More importantly sympathetic dominance hit the adrenals hard and the adrenals control so many bodily and energy functions that when your adrenals are negatively impacted it reverberates throughout the body. 

When you are in parasympathetic then all your bodily functions can work optimally given your current state of health.  And your cells can regenerate and you feel rested when you wake up in the morning.  It is vitally important to look at the health equation from this perspective. 

In order to resolve many health issues you have to bring your autonomic nervous system into balance.  This means your autonomic nervous system should be able to modulate between parasympathetic and sympathetic.

Your Breath Matters

In western medicine how you breath is not even in the consciousness of your allopathic doctor and maybe a few alternative practitioners may pay attention to it.  Siddha Medicine which is a very ancient branch of East Indian natural medical system pays close attention to how you breath.  A Siddha doctor can determine how long you live and how well you live according to how many inhalations and exhalations you take per minute. 

Slow even breaths means your system is relaxed.  short, shallow breaths mean you are in stress mode even when you think you are relaxed.

Physiologically, shallow breathing deprives your body of an adequate amount of needed oxygen,  This is also one of the reasons why your body cannot relax.  This is a catch 22 because if you breath shallowly then you do not get enough oxygen and by not getting enough oxygen your body cannot relax.

Stress is very destructive to your health in many ways.

What is a Deep Breath?

You cannot talk about deep breathing without looking at the diaphragm.

Taking deeper breaths through the lungs is better than living a life with shallow breaths but it’s still limited as a tool to positively effect your physiology.

Your diaphragm is connected to your hypothalamus, the main part of the brain the directs all the activities of your whole body.  This is a big deal.

If your diaphragm is not activated every time you breath you are missing a big chunk of your central junction box function.

Your diaphragm is connected to your sympathetic nervous system and the back of your head, in the occipital area is connected to your parasympathetic nervous system.  When you do not have access to your diaphragm you will have a very difficult time to sooth your sympathetic nervous system.

When you take a breath, particularly a deep breath your diaphragm should press downwards compressing the interns organs thus massaging them with every breath.  Your gut is the second brain.  Now scientists are discovering that the gut makes a lot of hormones that once thought was the sole domain of brain functions.

When you take a good breath where your diaphragm relaxes and form a reverse dome which presses downward into your abdomen. Your abdomen would protrude out and the muscles in your pubic bone should stretch and even the fascia, the connective tissue that wraps the body, should move.  

You should feel a warm wave of qi flowing in your body.  That is right, you can positively effect your qi with breath.  This is what the Buddhist and Taoist breathing and different forms of pranayama tries to achieve. 

This is part of the meaning of the “Breath of Life.”

This would not happen if your diaphragm is locked, or your six pack muscle is too tight constricting the abdominal expansion, or your gut is too packed with old waste.

Resolving Trauma

Fortunately there are many methods that were developed by various practitioners in the last few decades to help with releasing trauma so people can move on with their lives instead of living inside an unhealthy feedback loop.

Chances are the methods that work for you are the ones you will run across when you start looking at this equation.

Peter Levine wrote a few nice books on trauma.  Modalities like breath work, craniosacral, deep body work like Rolfing and all the variations, Theta Healing and it’s offshoots, past life regression,  ayahuasca is potentially a good method, the many forms and variations of pranic healing and many others.

Am just listing certain possibilities for you to be aware of and consider.

The Energetic and Non Energetic Practitioners

We all have some level of qi otherwise life is not possible.  Here I am referring to the depth of qi that a practitioner can tap into within self and the cosmo, and a very important point of how intimate the practitioner is with sensing and feeling qi.

At the end of the day, regardless of the modalities the person you choose to work with.  The thing that matters the most to me at least is whether your practitioner can move qi.  And at a deeper level how much had your practitioner self cultivated.

When it comes to healing qi matters more because ultimately healing is really about working with the qi in your system and how to increase yours.

Those who do not feel qi and/or not having much access to it wont be able to take you very far.  The work is still good, I am just talking about the degree to which your practitioner can move your system because in the healing world everything will boil down to qi.

Years ago I had a facial from a friend who has always been quite energetic and when she do the different things on my face with her hands I can feel qi flowing in my whole body.  This is someone who is in touch with her force.

In the old days when an aspirant of acupuncture is accepted by the master to learn the art of acupuncture one of the training that the aspirant must master is qi.  Until the aspirant’s qi is at a certain level he/she is not allowed to work with people.  

Healing Is a Journey

At least from my experience of it, healing is a multi year or decade journey where I ran across different people with different ways of looking at the system and the issues that blocked my qi flow.  The human system has many layers and much is stored somewhere in the energy field, body and past life records.  Different individuals specializes in certain part of the work and some become experts at their modality and do not really know as much about other methods.

Perhaps it is in my curiosity, openness to new things and the inner desire to understand that I was exposed to so many different types of healing work.  All the different methods opened certain aspects of my blocked system.

It is a great boon to your health to explore healing of you.  At the end of it all it’s really about life force which influences your physiology, emotion, character, mind pattern, and self perception.  People who are tapped in have this quiet knowing and inner confidence which lead them seamlessly through life.  

I feel that when you explore in this way other doors will open to lead you into another part of yourself.  And the layers will with time peel away, giving you new perspectives and most of all gradual freedom and understanding the complexity, yet simplicity, of the human system. 

Unlike modern day acupuncture schools that focus on mental training of this method.  It still works in terms of remedying symptoms if that is what you are looking for but the move the system energetically you are better off with a practitioner that can move qi in his/her system.

How I Work With Trauma

Basically if your system is energetic and you have access to your diaphramic breathing you can make use of any modality to shake off your trauma.  How far and how deeply you can accomplish this feast depends greatly on what type of work you actually need.

I used to do a variety of modalities but now instead of focusing on modalities which in a way is not a good way to look at healing in general, I look at the equation in terms of what I would like to accomplish with a system that comes to me for a session.

In terms of healing sessions I provide two primary services.

 QI Healing

Long Distance Healing

In terms of working with releasing trauma I would work with a client in person.  Many years ago I did not have a name for what I was offering and a friend who had experienced my work one day said “why not call it qi healing because that is what happens in a session.”

Then the name stuck because I was not going to have one for it at all and in terms of conveying an idea to others a name is something people can chew on.

The Importance of Opening Your  Diaphragm 

 When I was studying with Dr. Vincent Medici he mentioned that there is about 10-20% of people who can naturally find their breath when worked on.   And I can confirm that after working with the human body for almost 20 years.

When you can access your diaphragm your whole system just function better.  Your body has more resources to self heal because you can easily turn on your parasympathetic nervous system.

Unsurprisingly in Eastern Energetic Practices the Buddhists and Taoists Have similar but reverse methods to diaphragm breathing to activate qi in the system. 

 Deep breaths lead to relaxation and relaxation leads to a more calm mind and when the mind is at rest then qi would rise naturally.

It is as simple as that.  If you really get the above sentence then you not only can improve your health but get the crux of the inner energetic, spiritual practice.

On the contrary if you cannot easily reverse your sympathetic to parasympathetic because you are a chest breather then many things are blocked including your qi.

The Body Intelligence

There is a saying in the world of bodywork, “the body does not lie.”

The mind like to tell stories of such and such and often time the story is incomplete or the teller does not want to reveal certain things.

The beautiful thing about the body is it is innocent like a child.  If you learn how to read it properly then it will tell you what it needs.   The stories behind the blocked energy or trauma do not matter that much.  It is more important to find the doorway into the body so it can release and resolve past experiences that were stored in the body memory.

Body memory is beyond the province of the mind.  In this sense the body through the subconscious influences the mind and how you interact with the world; or more correctly called the body mind.  The mind of the cells.

The body mind stores all experiences.  Since trauma makes the body contract it has a negative impact on the overall system.  IN a sense trauma messes up the normal functions of the body and mind and this alters, in a non positive way, how the system interprets and interacts with the outer world.

Many people have done a lot of healing at the mental and emotional level and when they lay on the table all the blocks and traumas that they thought they had worked through are still there,  maybe  less in intensity than before. 

How The Healing Sessions Flow

Healing is an experiential process.  Therefore it is not possible to convey in words via mental ideas and concepts.  Although we may try to convey a certain context of it.  It’s like looking at a ripe mango and knowing it is a mango.  But unless you sink your teeth into one you will never know the deliciousness and joy of it.

Within an healing session I follow the messages that the body I am working on conveys to me.  Being an empath and have been working on bodies for about 20 years I can pretty much pick up on the blockages and needs of another body system.

I found that the body I work on will tell me where to start the process as though there is a sequential door way in which it needs to be approached for it for release.

The insight into the situation at hand is the most important part of the session.  Then I just listen and follow the needs as they arise.  The truth is when I am in a session where the client can move qi we are two systems that is in semi trance and linked together.

If you can let go then most of time magic can unfold.  Once the breath can become somewhat open.  This means you can tap into the diaphragm, then I can tap into your body at a deeper level.

All the tension that really matters is stored deep in the body.  And to get to this depth of touching your system you need to be able to sooth your nervous system through your breath so you can release the tension.  Without this it is almost impossible to work on the body a the depth that is needed to resolve the stored bodily memories. 

With breath you can turn pain into pleasure.  Yes, pleasure.

stagnant qi creates pain and released qi put you in a state of pleasure.  How do you like that?

This is where the experiential aspect of the session kicks in when your dammed up qi is released then a lot of other bodily processes are released and you are blissed out in a state of pleasure.

This is what true healing is.  To recover it and to live in this state of pleasure is the reason many seek the inner path.  Though it is part of the experiences you will come across on the inner path, it is a relatively small, but essential phase of the journey.

You can get it through working with certain healers and you can get there on your own through certain types of inner practices.  For all this to happen you have to open your breath dialled in with your qi.

It is the increased flush of qi into your system that put you in the state of pleasure.  In essence this is what spiritual bliss is. 

It’s really that simple.  Many of the spiritual secrets are revealed here.

This is where healing is magical because it is a short cut through the inner path stages.

The caveat if there is any is the session is work.  It’s not like a massage when you can just lay there passively and have another person do something for you.  You have to stay conscious, breath, participate and feel your body. 

It is not easy to unlock a locked up diaphragm.  It is very much an art rather than “what technique did you use?”  There is a a lot of listening and finessing the body and nudge it to open up.

The totality of how your system is determines your state of being and your karmic walk about.  To open the system and introduce more light, life and qi into it would inevitably change the direction of your walk about. 

Trust and Letting Go

Trustis an essential element that can determine the success of healing regardless of who you choose to work with.  If trust is not present then your system will not open up and let go.

Then the work for the most part is aa waste of resources and counter productive.

In what I do trust is a big deal since the work is very personal.  In the sense that most traumas are not stored in the hands or feet but in more intimate bodily spaces.

Like I said earlier, the body does not lie.  The mind can have it’s logics, societal, familial and other learned restrictions but the body just is.  Many of the challenges in opening a system is in how the body perceive and interpret things based on past experiences.

In a way the work is about replacing trauma with pleasure in the body and you have to stop interpreting the unfolding of the sessions based on past traumas.  So in a sense let go of the mind and trust.

I worked on a client at a healing retreat a friend put together and all the participants were prepped by my friend as to how I work.  In many ways the sessions could be unusual.

One of the participants said before a session, “I trust you.  Do what you need with my body.”

I was taken aback a little because for almost 20 years of practice nobody had said that before.

Even though her breath was just a crack open we were able to basically blew her system wide open.

This is no small matter.  Imagine if someone has been living indoors in the cold north for most of their lives and cannot find a way to get to greener pastures, and you take them to live in a tropical island, a lot of things can change in the system.

Once qi activated within your system then it will create inner changes for the better.  

Isn’t this the crux of all the spiritual traditions in the world?

To bust open the main energy channels in the body and then work methodically for years and decades to open the 7200 smaller channels.  Having the system activated with qi is one of the main differences between a Christ or Buddha versus a regular Joe or Jane. 

The Age & Health Factor

What I noticed after working on thousands of people is my clients tend to fall into the age group of between late 20’s and mid to late 40’s.  This age group is usually healthier and more hip to different possibilities.

To do this type of session you need a certain amount of inner resources.  It takes qi to heal and generate more qi.  One of those funny natural phenomenons.

Women are much more open and receptive to pretty much everything, especially self healing.  They have internally cleaner bodies, because they take care of themselves more, to work with. Almost all of my clients who work with me over the span of years are women.

Every now and then a man would stray my way and either they are too tight and toxic to do anything meaningful with or they get opened up and get very excited about the process and I would never see them again. 

Many who are over 55 years old have the tendency to lack qi because their health is no longer robust.  I usually offer them Pranic Healing sessions instead to build up their inner energetic resources. 

Most of the younger 20 somethings are too uncomfortable within their skin to allow themselves to dive into their system uninhibited.

Your Body’s Trauma Storage Sites and TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is full of wisdom and ageless.  In TCM the internal organ system are linked to emotions and these emotions are stored in particular parts of the body.  Once 

you learn this you will appreciate one way in which your body communicates with you.

Your level of life force influences your emotions and the quality of thoughts you have.  The reverse is also true where negative emotions and thoughts negatively impact your energy and your physical health.   This is the connection TCM made for us over a thousand years ago.

There is always an emotional component to physical symptoms and when certain parts of the body’s energy field is congested by unresolved emotions and sometimes mind patterns then it creates a weakness that predispose you to dis-ease in these particular areas.

Needless to say to release these energy blocks will help your system to maintain a more harmonious flow of life force. 

The lungs hold sadness when unresolved for long periods of time turn into grief.  It usually stores in the pec minor area, near the should joint.  Sometimes the lung points in the upper back. 

The sternum area holds emotional heart issues.  Some people have a very sensitive sternum and the areas around there.  Under the scapula holds deeper heartbreaks when the pericardium, heart protector, is effected.

The lower back, kidneys, knees and ankles hold fear, the lack of support, fear of change and moving forward.

Super tight lower back usually indicates fright.  People like these usually stand with their upper back leaning backward indicating a frozen state when fright was experienced.

The liver holds anger, frustration, irritation and at a deeper level depression.  Those who have liver related issues have the tendency to have tight mid backs and solar plexus, and tight tendons.  In TCM the tendons and liver are the same thing in a sense that if the liver is not well the tendons will be tight, and a healthy liver is indicated in more flexible tendons.

In the past every time I do a liver flush I would feel more limber and when I do the first yoga class

after a liver flush I would be able to drop 3-5 centimeters deeper into my poses.  It surprised me the first time it happened even I learned mentally in school that the liver and tendons influence each other.

Spleen issues usually indicate too much worrying.  This negatively effect digestion.

Constipation indicated inability to release and let go and diarrhea indicates problems digesting life.

Pancreas deals with lacking sweetness in life.

The breasts are for nurturing and in a sense the expression of love.

The back of the neck indicates stubbornness and the front usually associated with inability to fully expresses oneself.

People who have sexual trauma have a tendency to have tight groins and have a particular way of holding their postures.

Gluteal tightness usually deal with control issues and there is one particular spot that usually indicates money stress. 

This is just a short list of the connections between the body parts and emotions.  The body has many nuances so the work to, in a way liberate it and let qi flow freely, takes a lot of finessing and understanding.

Time Is Needed To Process The Sessions

In general it is wise to allow your system time to process healing sessions.  This means whenever possible quiet time by yourself.  Emotions, memories may arise and you need the space to be with them and allow them to pass.  Always keep in mind that they are no longer a part of you.  Just passing scenery that you dug up so things could be resolved and you can move forward.

Often times the past control the present and you seem to fall into this circular time loop when unresolved past traumas keep you in it.

Having the space to process a good healing session is sometimes more important than what unfolded within the session.  Here is the space where you can really dig in deeper and work things out.  It’s like you have to stir up the mud so you can filter it out.

Your body needs time.  Try not to use your mind to shove everything back in.  If you can just become an observer of your emotions and memories instead of identifying with them and get caught in the loop of someone is to blame or be angry with, etc, then things will pass much more smoothly.

It’s important to recognize that whatever thoughts and emotions that come up during this processing time are no longer you but just phantoms of the past.  And do allow yourself to move through it whether it’s in the form of crying on and off or need to scream and punch.  These outer expressions are needed to discharge the wounded up energy.  Just try to do it as constructively as possible. 

This is where doing these types of sessions in isolated environments such as retreats in the forests or amongst the rice paddies of Bali have it’s advantages in terms of having the space and freedom to express yourself as needed. 

I once did a session with a woman who complained of neck pain from a car accident months earlier  where she was in a coma for some days and she had no memories of the actual event.   The session was good and I was surprised that I did not see her returning for follow ups.  Months later I saw her and she mentioned that during the session she relived that accident in detail and that scared her.  

Why Activating Your Energetic System Is Vital to Your Health

The more the energy blocks are removed the easier it is for you to tap into your qi.

Activating your qi system is no small matter.  All the spiritual traditions that still know the true way do this as a way to initiate aspirants onto the path.

To have radiant health you need more qi,  To advance spiritually you need even more qi.

Radiance shows up on the face of people who have it.  Working on nutrition, herbs and exercise, etc, without tapping into your qi can give you good, robust health at best, but not radiance.

This is why I write about qi and how to go about freeing your mental, emotional and other patterns so your qi can get activated then given time and practice will get stronger.

My teacher Dr. Medici used to pose this question, “after you tapped into your qi, what are you going to do with it?”   This is a serious question that needs some pondering.

When your central qi channels, the ones that run up your spine and down the center of your body open up, then they will slowly with further inner practice open and purify all the other channels.  The East calls this kundalini or rising yang qi.

This type of work could be life changing if you take what you can get from it and keep working to inner cultivate by yourself through qi gong or better still silent meditation.  

Health is the foundation to the inner path.  The inner path is just taking the process a step or infinite steps further.  But regardless, radiance is a function of abundant qi flow.

Have you ever seen the dry, dull, sunken looking faces and eyes of older yoga teachers, spiritual aspirants, monks, nuns, and even qi gong teachers and spiritual gurus?  These people got no qi.  They either did not practice correctly or never know how to tap into their Force or if they got qi it was squandered along the way.

This is supposed to be a book on health so why do I talk about the inner path and all the qi stuff.  All you want is to have radiant health.  Doesn’t that come in a pill? or that diet of the moment, that magic herb or chemical isolate which our great scientists have have discovered?

Come to India one day and step into the different ashrams and spiritual community and you will see that the road to spiritual greatness is littered with carcasses of those who either understand health nor the inner practice.  For this matter visit most spiritual communities around the world and see for yourself.

A Case Of How Stored Emotional Trauma Caused Health Symptoms

I used to work at the busiest spa in Southern California and the spa environment is touchy in terms of how you can and cannot work on client.  

One day a young woman came in to see me and said she have not had her moon cycle for over 6 months.  She had consulted a Traditional Chinese practitioner who took her pause and did this and that and gave her some herbs and acupuncture, and a naturopath who did some form of kinesiology and gave her some supplements.  

These things did not work for her and her cousin who works at the spa reception recommended for her to have a session with me.

After a moment of pondering on whether to just give her a regular massage or really work on her the better part of me decided to go for the latter.

When I released her Psoas, which are powerful muscles that control your whole lower torso region in many ways, she literally went from laying down to bouncing up into a sitting position with her hands clawing like a cat while uttering deep guttural sounds.  This went on for a while and the session ended.

Some months later after I had completely forgotten this session I ran into the clients cousin in the staff room and she said, “Do you remember my cousin so and so who you worked on a couple of months ago?”

I had that blank look on my face as I searched my memory bank.  My nickname at that time was :The Machine” because I could work on so many clients week in and week out.  So of course no.

One of my human faults is always in not remembering names when people say it.  When I look at a person I get so much visual cues that the name is like that puff of wind that blew right through my ears.

She then mentioned her cousin’s symptoms and it clicked in my head.  She further said that some days after the session her cousin started to have her moon cycle again.

Women can also get back to more regular cycles or get their cycles restarted after 2-3 months of detoxing their body.

It depends greatly on whether the cause of the symptoms is bio-chemical in terms of hormonal imbalances, malnourishment or/and toxicity, or emotional trauma.

Case #2

I did a home visit for a client that I had been seeing for some years.  Late twenties, high stress job in pharmaceutical sales and in a rough period of relationship with her man.

Before we started the session she mentioned that she will go in for surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.

This woman’s breath is open and she can release but I had always given her deep massages instead of moving her qi in a deeper way.

So I mentioned to her before we started that we will do a different type of session.

A few months passed and I got a phone call from her.  I asked her how the surgery went and she said she did not have the surgery.

She said that when she went in to have her surgery and surgeon who is also her friend suggested she take another scan to see if the cyst is still there.  They were both pleasantly surprised that the cyst was gone.

She continued by saying that the only thing that she can recall doing differently between the time when we had the session and surgery date was having that session with me where she released her emotions and cried during the session.

Long Distance Healing

There are many Healers who offer long distance healing, calling it by whatever name.  I am only going to touch on this subject briefly for the sake of completion.

When in the process of inner cultivation, the limitation of space and time dissolves at the energetic level.  This is a well known phenomenon proven by science.  Another example of how reality is oneness that gets chopped up by the mind.   

From the energetic level you can find and tap into or influence people.  The difference between white and black magic is consent, the intent to do good or harm.  In practice the border is thin like the edge of a sword.

Therefore it is important to know who you are dealing with in the sense that the one you are working with is pure at heart or has a shadow of darkness however slight with unclear intents.

Your inner light will guide you.  Your being will either open up and say yes or there is a slight doubt and contraction.  Listen to this and act accordingly.

There are advantages to this way of working.  From the perspective of the healer, the client is far away so the picture can be more clear, less influenced by emotions and mental stories of the moment.

If the healer has light, power and can somewhat see in the inner planes then the different layers of the being could be seen.  When the client’s field is blocked by different energies in certain parts of the body by anywhere from past life, present life, hooks, emotional trauma, other human, black magic, negative ETs’, etc, they can be removed as much as karmically allowed at the moment.

Energy could also be sent to clients to help them move forward in their journey.  How much is possible depends on how much force the healer had ignited within his system and how much a client can receive at the present moment.

My friend who is an amazing pastille healer mentioned this nice analogy of a burning log, the ignited healer or spiritual seeker.  And when you put a second log next to it then the second log has a chance to catch fire and burn.

Clients who are sensitive often see, hear and feel many things during a session and they usually are in a better space, in many levels,  after the session than before.

You Are Here to Shine

We are all here to live our full potential.  Whatever that means to you is up to you to create.

But we are not here to sit in cubicles and stare at computer screens that slowly rot us from the inside out.  We are not meant to be here to just barely exist, doing a job we hate and living a life that is ours while we dream of our ideal life.

Make it happen for yourself.  That is what you owe yourself.

The secret is that it’s not really all about money.  Most people have the misconception that it is money that opens the doors to their dream life.  In actuality money comes after mental flexibility and creativity and courage to carry out the needed steps to walk toward your ideal life.

I have seen many people with limited financial resources living their dream life of freedom, joy and true abundance and some with more money than they can spend live in a frustrated, self imposed and unhappy prisons.

At the end the choice is really yours.  Take a deep breath, let go and live.

Would you think an unsatisfactory existence could negatively impact your health?  

Trauma Alters Your Perception of Reality

Your interaction with your outer reality is through the mind.  The brain is where consciousness which is outside of you connects and animates and give you thoughts.  Basically your body is a vehicle and the different aspects of the soul energy that wires and connects into the different parts of your energy centers is the real driver.

The body develops senses in order to interact with the outer reality.  The full reality spectrum is much vaster than what you can experience within the limits of your senses.  So basically your soul which is infinite, is crammed into a very fragile and limited physical vehicle.

Traumas often interfere with the body mind connection.  Instead of seeing things for what they are you interpret the events through the lenses of your own personal “bad” experiences.  This shift your relationship with the outer world and people within that momentary experience.

For example, if a person had experienced robbery then he/she would approach situations in life as though a robbery is about to happen.  This type of mentality robs one of many things and most of all put the nervous system under constant stress.

You can apply this to every other so called “bad” situations that happened in life where the trauma was not resolved through an emotional release.


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