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The human system is vast, stretching all the way up to Source and down to this dense layer that we call material matter. We literally are a conduit between heaven and hell. These beings and energies do influence us in many ways.

Long distance healing is purely an energetic process to balance the system. I can help you to remove things that no longer belong in the system, and to support things that need to be supported.

If you are sensitive you may feel, see and hear things during the session. But this is not necessary, nor an indication that it is good. Different people have different responses to the sessions ranging anywhere from feeling more calm or centered or feeling charged to feeling nothing. But there is always some internal shift even when people feel nothing sensation-wise during the session.

The session works purely on the energy realm and this makes many things possible since we can access the many layers of our being.

The session works purely on the energy realm and this makes many things possible


"Hang was the one who has made me fully understand, but most importantly, physically feels my inner knowing, my Qi, rather than intellectually comprehend it. And the rest is history. Hang’s herbs have cleansed and opened up my body to allow it to flow without obstruction. The most grateful I am to Hang for showing me the ways to myself and for being so clear about it – no one can do anything for you. ‘Chop wood, carry water baby’ is what Hang would always say when I was looking for shortcuts to ‘enlightenment’. Today I know, there are no short cuts and there is no enlightenment; at least not in the way most understand. Thank you Hang for THAT enlightenment and for jump-starting my life with such non-judgment, understanding, compassion, and Love. You have created a monster."
Nesh Brzeska
Poland, Yoga Instructor
"Wise and humble, Hang has a great wealth of knowledge and healing experience. He has pulled on a mixture of the most empowering healing modalities for a unique combination that expresses his own healing and skills as a spiritual healer and teacher. It was a pleasure to be a patient and student of Hang."
Tom Downing
United Kingdom
"After my session with Hang, I felt in alignment emotionally and physically. He suggested herbs to take to support my body which was most helpful too. I am deeply looking forward to my next session to see how I have improved and for the next level of expansion."
Jodie Louise
South Australia, Detox Coach
"Hang is an advanced medical intuitive with a big warm heart. I trust the intelligence that moves through him and so have no problem recommending his work, it's pure."
Innica Lane
Coach: Womb Awakening
"Working with Hang has been an incredibly positive experience. I needed to release a few mental blocks and Hang’s healing helped me let go and move forward with a much more clear and focused mind."
Rob Angel
Seattle, Washington, Founder of Picturist
"Right after the session I was breathing fully again. Such an inner freedom on a physical level that helped to release old emotions and let the energy ​flow... the impact really has many layers"
Ilze Magdalena Klavina
Latvia, Creator, Designer
"I was resistant to having a session with Hang when I first met him. I knew that I had to do it, and I am beyond happy that I did. It was the most transforming moment in my life. It was the point of no return. Everything that I knew was questioned in this session. Hang work so intuitively and he was able to read my body before I knew how to do it. Besides having a session I have been doing a colon cleanse with his herbs that made me connect deeper to my body and organs. The work he does is transformative at all levels. It’s deep and it works."
Teresa Sol
Denmark, Artist
"I watched Hang Wang for the first time talking about Qi Gong on a webinar. I was curious to hear and learn more about it so I reached out to him, and scheduled a phone consultation. Our conversation was very pleasant, he made a recommendation to me after I told him something that I have been struggling with for awhile. I felt good and relaxed after talking wtih him. Hang Wang mentioned a remote Qi healing session for me to try if I was interested. I really didn't know what to expect and how it was going to work, but I was definitely open to it. I need to mention that I had gone to my general doctor for a checkup a week before my remote Qi healing session with Hang Wang. My doctor did some blood work, and I didn't say any of this to Hang Wang, because I didn't think it was necessary or important for him to know. I got my lab results a couple of days after I have had my remote session with Hang Wang. My doctor called me to tell me that my blood platelets levels were low, and that she wanted me to go see a hematologist. I scheduled my appointment with the specialist. He saw me a couple days later, and he ordered a complete metabolic panel which I got done on the same day. The specialist called me the next day to tell me that all my results were normal and that my blood platelet count had gone up. I said to him "it went up in a afew days?" He said, "yes." I asked, how? He told me, "I don't know, sometimes it can happen." I was of course happy to hear that! I didn't make this connection right away until the next day. The only that that I had done in between blood tests was my remote Qi healing session with Hang Wang. I feel pretty confident that the positive and wonderful change that I experienced in my blood, literally! was because of the amazing work, and gift of Hang Wang."
Gabriela R
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