Qi Healing Session


The goal of these sessions is to move qi in the body. For this to be possible your breath has to be somewhat open. This means that when you inhale you can connect with your body, and when you exhale you can release the built up tension.

As simple as this may sound many people are not connected to their body. The main reason is past trauma that never got properly released from the system.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is any experience that overwhelms your system where, at that moment, you cannot deal with the intensity that is unfolding. The natural coping mechanism is for your mind to leave the body and let it be in a frozen state. This natural survival mechanism is observed in all animals. By disconnecting your mind from your body you would feel less pain. But the tension from this powerful experience gets locked into the body’s memory and musculature, if not released in due time.

After the trauma episode is over, if you are not able to release the tension in the body to get back to the old state of homeostasis, then your system will adapt to this new altered state as your “new normal”. Your nervous system becomes more fragile and your breath becomes shallower, pushing you over to the realm of sympathetic dominance. This means that it is much harder – and for some people it is impossible – to maintain that healthy balance between parasympathetic/relaxation and their sympathetic/stress nervous systems.

Releasing old stagnant energy and opening up the system may bring about profound changes

Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic

Every aspect of the human system works best when it can easily modulate between the parasympathetic/relaxation and the sympathetic/”fight and flight” regimes. When the body is locked into sympathetic dominance, then the physiology (the inner workings of the body, from the nervous system to the breath, the GI tract and sleep pattern, etc.) gets out of balance. In turn, this influences how you relate to others and how you perceive reality.

If your breath is open then a lot could be released and qi will flow in your body.

If your breath is not so open then, first, we will work on opening it. When you are in sympathy dominance your breath will be shallow and disconnected from the body. It would be difficult to release deep rooted tension because your breath is not connected to your body. This is why we need to start with opening the breath.

The potential of this type of work could be astounding as it could reset many things in the body and help to reconnect with the inner you.

Moving Qi Energy

Getting Qi to move and flow can be very physical, demanding and delicate at the same time, or the work could be based upon using a gentler approach like pranic healing to move the energy within your system. Your body will show how that energy could be moved.

If you are able to move some energy, then it will often take days for you to process the emotions that get released during the session.

There are many layers to your being so it will take several sessions to move through the process. The sessions are deeply experiential and difficult to express in words. They can have much greater impact on you than what you would normally experience.

Releasing old stagnant energy and opening up the system may bring about profound changes within you and in your reflection that is your external reality.

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