Qi Gong


Qi gong means “qi or life force training”. This makes qi gong, like tai chi chuan, unique, in the sense that the primary intention is to train the life force that flows within your being. This practice is amazing and a blessing since everything in existence – down to the essence of who you are – is just pure energy. So why not make use of this century old system to cultivate your qi ?

Qi is consciousness itself; qi gong is the practice of expanding your consciousness by cultivating qi within your being. The abundance or lack of qi defines the quality of your life and who you are. When you are connected to your qi you will feel a sense of inner strength, confidence, joy and wellness. If you are not connected to your qi then you will more likely feel stress, weakness, disharmony and fear.

I started presenting qi gong to my clients because they were asking for some tools so that they could enhance their own health by themselves.

Qi gong is the practice of expanding your consciousness by cultivating qi within your being

My Approach

My approach to qi gong is in marrying the body awareness, sensitivity, power and structural alignment of the martial tradition, with health and greater spiritual openings. The present day tendency to live more in the head space makes the practice of qi gong even more valuable for body/mind connection. Other benefits include integration of the movements of the physical system into one harmonious unit, grounding into the earth energy, awareness and correction of old mind and trauma patterns and safely building internal strength.

The mental aspect of this training is stepping into a state of calm, relaxation and stillness. Qi will move when the mind is still.

The way I present qi gong is by using a series of simple exercises and standing poses, integrating traditional training with modern needs. This combination helps to guide your system to become more in tune with the universal life force that is ever present within you and is everywhere,

To achieve more in training does not necessarily mean to do more, but perhaps to do less by practicing – and eventually living – the idea of letting go, surrendering and simply being in the moment.

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