Plasma Energy Therapy


Plasma energy sessions are follow up treatments after you have completed a Health Assessment. This part is strictly treatment based, using a frequency generator and the specific frequencies gleaned from the assessment. This therapy kills pathogens, heals / regenerates cells, shifts emotional states and assists the body to detox.

When properly practiced, it is a very effective tool, especially against pathogenic infections. Depending on the severity of the situation at hand, it could take several sessions to resolve chronic issues. Also, usually, it is best to wait for 3-4 days between sessions so that the body can detox the die offs.

What is Plasma Energy Therapy?

The technology behind plasma energy therapy is based on the research of Raymond Royal Rife who invented the Universal Microscope in the 1920’s to study viruses and bacterias in their live state. His research was far ahead of other research on allopathic medicine at that time. He found that within cancer cells there is a pathogenic component either in the form of a virus, bacteria or fungus, depending on the environment of the host. This is called the pleomorphic theory of germs.

He came up with the idea of using very precise energy frequencies to eliminate the different pathogens and he had the advantage of seeing the pathogens being killed with his universal microscope. His success in curing cancer and other diseases in the late 1920’s brought him recognition and fame, but also attracted the attention of the medical and pharmaceutical cartel which felt threatened by his work. Sadly, his life was completely ruined by them, but his work not only survived, but got significantly upgraded due to the advance in electronics and computer technology.

When properly practiced, it is a very effective tool

Results from Plasma Energy Therapy

The four primary uses of this type of therapy are to kill pathogens, heal cells, detox the body and shift emotional states.

This mode of therapy has been, and still is, only used “underground” as it continues to be severely suppressed in North America and Europe.

Nevertheless, I use this technology; I have found that many impossibilities become possibilities using it – and the solutions are relatively inexpensive.

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