Health Assessment


There are different ways to understand the causes of health problems, which often include pathogens, weakness or poor functioning of the internal organs and endocrine glands, toxicity, acidosis, nutritional deficiency, or mental and emotional disharmonies caused by stress or trauma. To me, it is less important to classify a disease and name it with medical terms, than to find the real cause and be able to address it in order to return you to good health.

My Approach

I use an intuitive approach that is based on a deep knowledge of both Eastern Energetic and Western Scientific Medicine. Using this combination, I can draw an overall picture of your health, taking in the various factors which combine to impact upon your present condition.

By listening to your symptoms, reading your face and energy in general, and tuning into your auric field, all the needed information can be gathered to give a very good picture of your present condition.

The health assessment can reveal whether your body carries any of the common parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts that may adversely affect your health; it can also reveal the health condition of your internal organs and hormonal glands, the level of heavy metal in your body, the acidity and many other factors. We can also focus on specific health issues that you would like to address.

My work is practical and solution oriented. We will spend time finding the simplest and most cost-effective solutions to bring you back to good health. An evaluation of your current diet will be a part of the interview. If you decide to follow my suggestions with discipline, then most often your health will improve dramatically within 3-6 months, and sometimes even sooner.

We will spend time finding the simplest and most cost-effective solutions to bring you back to good health

Diet and Nutrition

Part of the health assessment will be on nutrition. With regard to diets, I am flexible and believe you should consume what your body tells you that it needs. Many weaknesses in the body come from improper nourishment. Food first, then supplements, may be needed to bring about vibrant overall health.

I am not dogmatic about food and all the different diets that people are trying to persuade you to follow. Often I tell deficient vegans and vegetarians to consume some meat; and I tell meat eaters to ease off and cleanse the excess toxicity. It is easier to adapt to a different perspective when you understand what got you into your present health situation; also it is easier to start a treatment to return you to good health again.

You may need a herbal program to detox and tonify your body. Using herbs is perhaps the quickest way to turn your health around for the better.

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