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Stress Less Kit II


The Stress Less Kit II (tea version) is designed to support your life force, calm your nervous system and improve sleep quality.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stress is related to the kidneys and adrenals, which stores our life force, jing. Depletion of our life force, jing is what makes one more susceptible to stressed states. Exhaustion, decreased libido, and lower back pain are all related to adrenal, kidney weaknesses.

In this kit, our 3 primary formulas help to reduce stress and shift the system into balance through the actions of SUPPORT, CALM, REST

More Energy Tea is used to support and strengthen your primal life force, using well known herbs according to Chinese herbology. It tonifies primal life force – kidney energy, helps rebuild depleted adrenal glands, supports in periods of fatique & stress, benefits heart & immune functions

Chillax Tea strengthens and nourishes nervous system, improves mood and calms the heart-mind.

Emotional Balance Deep Sleep Tea aids the body to enter restful, deep sleep, supports the nervous system, balances Shen (the heart-mind)

These formulas work synergistically to promote the natural healing ability of your body.

It’s recommended to also include a mineral supplementation formula as chronic stress is associated with micronutrient depletion.\

Stress Less Kit II