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Follow-Up Cleanse (4 Week Program)


– I want to feel better, release stagnations.
– 4 week program.
– 2 packs of Intestine Broom (10200)
– 1 pack each of Stone Dissolver (10600), Kidney Cleanse (10300), Lymph Detox (10500).

We recommend you take a support formula with your cleanse

Important notes: 

– The above program is designed for detox. If you have glandular and internal organ weaknesses, then it is crucial to your progress to use the appropriate formulas to heal and support them. Detox and Support formulas work hand in hand.  

– It is highly recommended that you at least support the adrenal and kidney systems by using herbal formulas, and use the other support formulas as needed.



The Cleanse Programs

Because everyone’s needs are different, it is difficult to determine the quantity of herbs your body will need to do the intended job. The number of packs listed below should only serve as a suggestion. There are also many herbal products on the market, only a few however are serious about solving health issues. Dr. Morse is a quality brand and so is Dr. Richard Schulze at American Botanicals. In this informational booklet we use our own, Ming Herbs, packages of formulas as guidance to detox but you can also find equivalent high quality herbal formulas from other companies that could work equally well.

Also, keep in mind that you are not only working to fix symptoms but moving towards better health. This will require a mental shift in perception from cost to investment. What you are actually doing is investing in better health, and this will translate into a better quality of life. An investment in health today usually means you do not have the higher cost of disease tomorrow.

The importance of supporting your body while detoxing

Your body does need extra energy to detox so please do find time to rest, relax and consume healthy foods.

People with fatigued adrenal glands, and high acidity are more likely to encounter a “healing crisis” than those who have more inner resources. This is why it is important to support your adrenals to give your system more resources to work with.  You may even want to look into taking some super foods while on the detox.  Supporting the adrenals and taking super foods are very good for your body in general and can be used for long-term health maintenance.

Herbal formulas can be categorized into two main groups.  That of detox and that of support. These are the basics of what you need to regain, maintain, and improve your health.  To maximize the effectiveness of the herbs, you would need to use the detox herbs along with the appropriate supporting formulas.

Glands and organs that have deteriorated need support and healing. Using these support formulas are the best ways to bring them back to normal and efficient functioning. You can pick the support formulas you need based on the symptoms you have. For example, using Ming’s herbal formulas, if your mental concentration is challenged then use the Brain and Endocrine formulas. If the prostate needs support then the Prostate.  Same with Heart and all the other support formulas.

You may be surprised to find that simply by doing these two things, detox and support, that your health can improve relatively quickly.

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Follow-Up Cleanse (4 Week Program)