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The way I approach healing – and life in general – is in synthesizing the mystical, energetic experiences of the East with that of Western scientific knowledge. When used in combination, and if the proper tools are available, these two – sometimes seemingly opposing approaches – complement each other and make many things possible.

From a different perspective, tension, pain and disease symptoms could be perceived as opportunities for you to delve deeper into your being and also to expand your horizons. It is exactly in circumstances where you are taken out of your comfort zone – perhaps finding yourself in a state of chaos or uncertainty – that you have more of an incentive to search and explore possibilities beyond your normal routines. In this sense, feeling ill is a gift.

For behind every illness, pain and tension, there are layers of Qi stagnation from physical, emotional, mental aspects to the spiritual, and often times it is accompanied by some form of pathogenic infection.

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Healing, then, could be perceived as an inner process of self-empowerment and transformation. You can allow yourself to be disempowered by your challenges, or use them and choose to walk the path of gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. It all depends on you, on the method of healing and on the persons you choose to work with. A good healer will challenge your belief system a little or maybe a lot, leading you towards reclaiming your own power.

The healing journey requires a certain level of participation, intent, humility, sincerity and more importantly good karma on your part. You could choose simply to hand your life over to some doctor or healer and hope for the best. However, nobody cares for you as much as you do yourself. The old saying “you are what you eat” can be applied and expanded to what you think, feel, and to your general attitude. Your state of health is a reflection of the inner state of your being and of how clean or toxic is your physical, mental and emotional body.

To heal is more then just to alleviate symptoms. It is an opportunity to expand your consciousness, for there are always deeper reasons for everything.

To heal is more than just to alleviate symptoms. It is an opportunity to expand your consciousness

Integrated Approach

I offer an integrated approach which assesses and works on the whole system instead of running after symptoms. I use different tools, depending on the needs of the individual. The goal is to bring all aspects – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – into harmony. Provided that you are committed and your available time permits it, we can work on taking you further into a greater state of health, Qi and balance.

Everything takes time. How long the treatment takes, and how much improvement you can expect depends on you. You can help by making healthy changes in your lifestyle, by being persistent in following your healing program, and by allowing your body to do what it needs to do.

Your body will heal itself when infection and toxicity / acidity are brought under control, when stagnation is resolved, when weakness is strengthened, and when you become more connected with your Qi and inner Self. Everything will become clearer, and you may gain helpful insights into where your heart wishes to lead you.

Behind every illness, pain and tension, there are layers of Qi stagnation

Soul vs Personality

Very often, the dissonance between what your mind wants to do and what your inner needs tell you to do, is the major block in your life. In the esoteric books they refer to this as the conflict / friction / fire between the soul and outer personality. It is the cause of all our ills and suffering.

True healing has the potential to open doors to greater connections with your soul and lead you into the realms of expanded consciousness.

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