My Herbal Creations, Ming Herbs

My childhood was wedged between an acupuncture clinic and Chinese herbal shop. Seeing traditional doctors taking pulses, looking at tongues, inserting needles and cupping, smelling and looking at herbs where an integrated part of my reality.

Later in my life journey the universal energy forcing it’s loving but stern hands to redirect my reality toward natural healing. With good fortune I ended up in a school that orient everything around the idea of Qi.

One of the teachers was this robust full blood Italian Dr. Medici with an astounding amount of knowledge both intellectual and practical. On the other spectrum is a deep Zen master who happens to be the founder of esoteric acupuncture and naturopath.

And within this world of Qi, Taoism, esoteric, scientific, traditional knowledge I spun. For the first time I looked forward to be in class. They fulfil the extreme thirst for knowledge, for the search of something else, something more meaningful, real. I was like a very parched desert that finally gets rain.

The family of Ming Herbals is the result of over decades of curiosity, interest, research and  intuition

After some 10 years of practice, even owning a spa in between, the nomadic life kicked in. I was, and later with my wife Anita, moving from one continent to another offering healing sessions and herbal remedies. We carried all our work equipment’s and suitcases of herbs, basically smuggling them along as needed. Finding creative ways to ship herbs into areas of the world where they are prohibited. Herbal formulas were created as needs arise. Getting good results with people trumps all the artificial special interest laws.

After we settled in one place it only made sense to dive even deeper into the herbal world. Ming Herbal started out with a few humble formulas which right off the bat received great support. This encouraged us to create more to fulfil very specific needs. The formulas incongruously work together supporting the philosophy of natural self healing.

The family of Ming Herbals is the result of over decades of curiosity, interest, research, intuition, thinking outside of the box and spiritual development.

Thank you for being a part of this experience and sharing the perspective on health where no quick fixes can create long term health regardless of your modality of practicing medicine or healing.

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