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Tonic herbs are a Divine gift to humanity. They are very helpful in giving health to people recovering from illnesses. They can strengthen weaknesses, increase stamina and performance, and can add some extra quality years to life.

This is why tonic herbs have always been revered and kept secret by past royal families in all cultures on earth – and by others who knew the power of these herbs – the medicine men, the women, the priesthood and other spiritual adepts.

Tonic herbs are a Divine gift to humanity

Herbal Therapy Has Stood the Test of Time

Throughout past centuries, there were many Daoists and Yogis who used these tonic herbs to preserve and increase their vitality and physical stamina, so that they can have the opportunity to complete their arduous spiritual goals.

Today, tonic herbs can keep us healthy, improving our performance at work or at play, as well as keeping illnesses at bay. Modern life creates constant stress on our bodies and these families of herbs are very helpful in counteracting such stress.

Long term, proper use of tonic herbs has been proven to be very beneficial to health and well-being.

Detox, But Carefully

From the nutritional and herbal perspective, most people’s health issues are affected by a combination of toxicity/acidity, by some level of nutritional deficiency or by weakness in the internal organ and glandular system.

This means you need to detox, support the weakened organs and glands, and boost the nutritional side by consuming the highest quality food and drink you can afford.

Ming Herbs has created a class of tonic herbs to support and improve the functions of the internal organs and endocrine glands. The formulas are created in such a way that if you know which internal organs and glands are weak, and need support, then you just use these formulas as directed on the package.

Once your system gets back to working as it should, especially the Gastro-Intestinal tract, then food will truly be your medicine and the foundation for your long term health.

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