Liver Detox


The liver performs anywhere between 600 to 1,500 functions depending on the source of information. It is the chemical factory of your body. Everything gets broken down and transformed to other substances there, and it is where toxicity is neutralized. It has a lot of jobs ongoing day and night to keep the body healthy and in balance. Needless to say, a healthy liver will enhance the quality of your life in many ways. The Chinese call the liver “the general”, like that of a military general, directing and controlling many functions.

The liver is also responsible for the smooth flow of qi in the body. This means that all bodily tension and pain are at some level connected to liver stagnation. The liver cleanses the blood when we sleep horizontally at night. This is a very important process since the quality of your blood defines your health.

The liver is also responsible for the smooth flow of qi in the body

Combining Treatments

Ming Herbs has two formulas to heal the liver – Liver Blood Detox and Stone Dissolver. These can be taken together or separately. Liver Blood helps the liver to function better. The Stone Dissolver helps to break down gall, liver and kidney stones safely.

The Stone Dissolver is a good substitute for those who do not want, or are too sensitive, to do a liver flush. Liver flushes are great, but they can be challenging at the same time.

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