Kidney Cleanse


In modern life the kidneys and adrenals get hit the hardest. Unfortunately this system is connected directly or indirectly to all of the body’s functions – from sex drive to the nervous system, digestion, brain and on and on. This is exactly why cleansing and tonifying this system is paramount to good health. Unsurprisingly the most expensive herbs and the most numerous formulae in Chinese medicine address kidney health.

The Kidney Cleanse Caps formula helps to break down crystals and stones in the kidneys and bladders. The caps help the body to release chemical build up in the tissues and strengthen its functions in general.

These caps have a diuretic effect, so make sure that you drink plenty of water while taking this formula. If your urine is yellow, orange or muddy red then you are not drinking enough water.

In modern life the kidneys and adrenals get hit the hardest

Combining Treatments

This formula should help your kidneys to filter again it they are not doing so now. You may want to combine this formula with Life Force or Adrenal Support to get better results. If your kidneys are not filtering, then lymph, waste water in the body will get backed up and in the long run create the state of acidosis in the body.

Are your kidneys filtering or not? Collect some urine in a glass bottle and hold it up to a light source or daylight. If your urine is clear, your kidneys are NOT filtering; if your urine has sediment floating in it then they ARE filtering.

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Kidney Cleanse

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