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Internal cleansing was not a major part of the old Eastern medical systems because it was not needed prior to the Industrial Age. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda did use cleansing herbs and methods, but they were not so developed compared to what is available today.

In the old days life was a lot less stressful and people consumed natural, nutrient rich food and clean water. Cleansing was not needed so much. When people moved from the countryside to the city and started eating empty, factory made, processed food, then health problems proliferated.

Cleansing Is Vital Nowadays

Cleansing became vital as our environment and body became ever more polluted due to so many new forms of toxicity that were introduced into our world. This increased level of toxicity created an explosion in the number and types of diseases, especially cancers, in the human population within a few decades.

Modern science has been able to increase our standard of living in many ways yet, as a species, we are sicker than ever.

The relatively recent complementary health model of naturopathy places internal cleansing as the most important part in its healing system. This is understandable considering toxicity and acidity are parts of the primary cause of illness, DNA mutation, weakening of the human system, compromised immunity and deterioration of the internal organs and glandular system.

All this leads to more rapid aging and degeneration of the body; especially when it is combined with stress, poor diet and poor lifestyle habits.


Toxicity can be defined as harmful chemicals, heavy metals, along with stress-induced “death” hormones being released in our bodies like cortisol and adrenaline. Let us not forget pathogens, including mold, fungus, bacteria, virus and parasites and their excrement – all of the above items clog up our bodies, creating results such as low energy, brain fog, tension, pain, bloating, gas and other unpleasant symptoms.

Improve Your Health

The way to improve your health in the short run and to maintain good health in the long run is to cleanse and alkalize your body. This will bring profound improvements to your body’s condition.

Please don’t think “Oh I am healthy and I don’t need to cleanse.” Even long-term vegetarians and skinny people are amazed at how much waste accumulates in their body, and how their body shifts to a healthier state after a period of cleansing.

If you look at a healthy child, their tissue, their body, is flexible, clean; it has a certain softness and suppleness; or can you recall how your body used to look and feel when you were a teenager? What changed? What is the cause of the difference between how your tissue feels now and then?

The simple answer is toxicity – and acidity plays a major role in this change.

You can cleanse the body by purging the waste held in your large and small intestines, clear the kidneys and liver, so allowing the lymphatic system to drain the toxicity that is held in your bodily fluids. This process will remove much toxicity from your body which had been preventing it from working properly and giving it the energy to regenerate and heal itself.

Your body can regenerate most efficiently when it is in an alkaline state.

Duration of Cleansing Treatments

All this will take time. Ming Herbs’ cleansing formulas – Kidney and Colon Cleanse, Liver Blood and Lymph Detox caps – are designed to do this job. They are gentle yet effective. It will take about 2-3 months to do a good initial cleanse covering the intestines, liver and kidneys. Cleaning the lymph system will take 1-2 years.

Types of Cleansing

Enemas, colonic irrigation, clima board, salt purges, are all good releases, but they cannot cleanse deep enough to remove the accumulated encrustations in the small intestine where many people hold a lot of old waste. The colon caps are designed to purge the small and large intestine, eliminate parasites and heal the intestinal lining.

Comparatively, doing a colon cleanse with a good herbal formula would be a lot more effective in the long term.

Fasting per se does not kill parasites. Some people have had success in releasing intestinal plague by dry fasting and taking herbs similar to our colon formula.

It may be more productive to complete the colon and parasite regimen before attempting to water or juice fast. It makes sense to clean the gut out first, as much as possible, before fasting.

Cleansing the body with a herbal program is the best choice if you wish to really transform your health for the better. The herbs activate the excretory mechanisms to purge the body actively. This will take time and effort but it will be well worth the investment.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Please keep in mind that, in order to stay healthy, cleansing should be a bi-annual or annual event. You would not just change your car’s oil once, or tune it up once, and expect it to work for years to come. The same applies to the human body. Regular cleansing will extend your life and more importantly make life more enjoyable because you will have more consistent good health.

I sincerely hope you choose Ming Herbs’ detox formulas. The one feedback we often get is “They work!”. This goes for the rest of our family of herbal formulae too. For a little investment, it may take you a long way towards vibrant health. As my Australian clients like to say “I’ll give it a go.” Do so yourself and you may be pleasantly surprised at how well it works out for you.

For a deeper understanding of the detox process, please read my latest book “The Art of Detox.”

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