Cleanse Notes


Cleansing the body is as much an art as it is a science. The idea is to purge all the toxins that have entered the body in the past and are now stored somewhere within it. The body is not mechanical, so understanding is needed – also creativity and finesse are necessary to achieve cleansing success. You know your body best and you are the one who gets the signals your body sends you to make any needed adjustments to the process.

It is very important to listen to your body and follow your intuitions.

Slowly, Slowly

In regard to cleansing, it is good to take time and allow the body to cooperate. This may prove to be the most effective way in the long run. Your body has all the wisdom you need on how to go about this process. So do some necessary homework before the cleanse but more importantly tune in and listen! Use your intuition and judgment. The cleanses are gentle and you should not hurt yourself if you follow the instructions and your gut feelings.

Cleansing the body is as much an art as it is a science

Combining Treatments

It is strongly recommended that you do the Colon, Kidney and Liver cleanse together. Then, once your kidneys start to filter, add the Lymph Detox formula into the cleanse, while still taking the other ones.

Shifting the lymphatic fluid from the acidic state to a more alkaline state is really the crown jewel of the detox process. Acidity in the interstitial fluid is one of the primary causes of cellular break down and mutation, leading to a variety of inflammations and disease.

Some people can do the Colon Cleanse all by itself and have little or no side effects, while others may experience stress in the kidneys and liver.

How do you know if you have kidney or liver stress while cleansing the colon? Your lower back and kidneys area would feel sore (kidney stress) and you may feel nauseous (liver stress).

During the cleanse, try to avoid refined sugar and starchy food. Eat plenty of fruits, superfoods, sprouts, cooked veggies and some raw veggies and juices. These will give you the needed vitamins, enzymes, minerals and fiber to help with the process.

Feeling Tired?

If you feel tired while cleansing, chances are that your adrenals are fatigued. Pretty much everyone has some form of adrenal stress. It’s just the nature of our world nowadays. So it is good to support the kidneys/adrenals as regularly as you can, especially during times of internal cleansing. You may find that this may enhance your life in general.

The internal organs hold emotions so be aware that some old feelings and memories may rise into your conscious mind. During this time it may be a good opportunity to work with an experienced healer to help you through the process.

The body is connected to all the layers of your being – emotional, mental and spiritual. Cleaning the body is one way to cleanse all those layers.

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