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Learning the healing art

I was born in Vietnam in 1966 at the height of the Vietnam War. My family moved to America in 1980.

My life in middle America was relatively normal until the years leading up to 2000, when I felt an overwhelming urge to pursue a different line of work. Something inside me desired that my life should change. At the beginning of the new millennium I went to healing school in Santa Monica, California, where the healing art was transmitted by some amazing teachers who have deep knowledge and experience of healing based on Qi.

During that time, I was fortunate to meet and learn from many healers who had a wide range of modalities that influenced my understanding and experience of what healing is. That was also the time when I was introduced to the training of Qi Gong with the intention of developing my healing abilities.

You are here to live joy, love and freedom

Sri Aurobindo

During that momentous period I was introduced to Sri Aurobindo’s work which had a deep impact on my life, my spiritual journey and my healing journey. In 2001, I experienced some profound inner openings and the most memorable was at Ramana Marharshi’s Ashram, on the steps that lead to his cave in the Arunchala Mountain. I had a powerful, unexpected, spiritual experience which completely altered the course of my life and my perception of reality.

I was introduced to Sri Aurobindo’s work which had a deep impact on my life, my spiritual journey and my healing journey

Mikio Sankey

I understood then that healing was really about my own inner transformation and about Qi. Experience unfolds true knowing. I know energy meridians and chakras because I feel them – and can influence them with my intentions. I came to understand the different herbs by eating them and seeing the effect they had on my own body and health. I came to know esoteric acupuncture by receiving sessions from the founder Mikio Sankey for 10 years. My hands can touch a body and know what is possible because my body has received deep work for years.

In those early days I spent many hours listening and reading about health and spirituality; it became an obsession. However, more importantly, I spent time to experiment and explore all that I heard and read, to be able to know and understand through experience, and not just through academic studies. Since 2001 it was as though a tap got turned on and information, knowledge, that relates to health and healing poured into my being. Many things were understood and synthesized.

Practising the healing art

Fortune opened her door, and I started working for one of the busiest spas in Los Angeles with the opportunity to hone my skills while I was studying. In 2004 I opened my own healing center in Santa Monica with the intention of providing a more comprehensive healing service. Many other healers of similar ideals and talents joined me in order to work out the vision.

We were inspired not only to treat pain and disease, but also to use the different methods to enhance and improve an already very healthy system, to push the envelope of what is possible with the human body. In reality, this is a way for me to share my personal practice with others.

During those five magical years I was given the opportunity to work alongside some wonderful mentors – naturopaths, acupuncturists and others who have very unique skills. Learning during this period was by doing and experiencing.

In my own healing journey I experienced many modalities

My healing journey

Along with a disciplined healthy lifestyle, training in Qi Gong throughout those intense working years was the one way for me to maintain my well being. Later on in my life journey I met my Tai Qi Chuan Sifu, who has been a martial artist for over 80 years and has amazing sensory and perceptual abilities of the human body and movement. From him I learned the refined details of rooting, leverage, proper alignment and more.

In my own healing journey I experienced many modalities including shamanism, pranic healing, deep bodywork, cranio sacral therapy, esoteric acupuncture, bio-resonance, plasma energy therapy, QXCI, dark field microscopy, ayahuasca, past life soul retrieval, sound, overtone harmonics. In turn, this led to fasting, cleansing of the internal organs, herbal therapy, nutritional therapy and yoga. During many years of disciplined Qi Gong training and sitting meditation, I met many interesting people who thought “out of the box”. All this coupled with lots of Divine Grace contributed to my present state of being and knowledge.

I feel that all healing modalities contribute some benefit to our bodies – and some touch the system deeper than others – provided that the practitioners have sincerity, talent in their field and continue to invest in developing their abilities.

Present healing

In 2010, I started to feel a deep inner urge to leave America. Later that year, I packed my bags and left for India, which has become my spiritual home. From there I have travelled to different parts of the world sharing Qi Gong and healing, experiencing the many ways in which humanity expresses itself. I met my wife Anita in Zurich in the summer of 2011 and we have traveled together since then. Now I am based in Bali.


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