Long Distance Healing

The human system is vast, stretching all the way up to Source and down to this dense layer that we call material matter. We literally are a conduit between heaven and hell. These beings and energies do influence us in many ways.

Long distance healing is purely an energetic process to balance the system. I can help you to remove things that no longer belong in the system, and to support things that need to be supported.

If you are sensitive you may feel, see and hear things during the session. But this is not necessary, nor an indication that it is good. Different people have different responses to the sessions ranging anywhere from feeling more calm or centered or feeling charged to feeling nothing. But there is always some internal shift even when people feel nothing sensation-wise during the session.

The session works purely on the energy realm and this makes many things possible since we can access the many layers of our being.

To book a session please email me at the contact page or Whatsapp me at +62 822 3756 2373.