The Art of Detox
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The Art of Detox
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22 Jan 2019

Where there is health, there is no disease.

A healthy body is balanced at the physical, emotional and mental levels. A state where qi flows harmoniously and you are magnetically aligned.

When all your bodily systems work as they should, may it be your disgetive, glandular, nervous, etc, your body has the innate consciousness to do everything that is needed to keep it in excellent health.

Nowadays these are the rare and lucky souls.

Your body would know exactly what it needs and detox most the toxicity that enters it.

I really just want to talk about health and not dis-ease. But for many, it is important to have a practical understanding of how the body works, how to simply bring back balance to imbalances so that you can regain good health and even radiant health, and to maintain it for life.

There are different levels of using herbs, and healing, in general to improve your state regardless of where you think you are at in the health spectrum.

Those who are in the know, like the Taoists of old, do not wait until their body starts to break down before they get into the herbs, they take it while they are healthy so they can become even healthier and to remain healthy for life.

For some people the above idea requires some mental adjustments because we were falsely told that you use herbs when you do not feel well or when you are sick.

Herbs are very helpful this way too, but not used as an expression of their maximum potential.

24 June 2018

Keep An Open Mind.

There are many layers of health that are possible. At one point in our younger years most of us have experienced the apex of our physical health and afterwards some degree of decline. We are all told that is the normal process of aging, but is it?

Fortunate are those who are young and are informed enough to take care of their health at an early age, before the ravages of time and lifestyle take their undeniable toll. For most of us who did our best at that earlier time - trying to live and do the best we could with what we knew - most often the information we had was inadequate or false, even though we thought it was true.

Thus we started the learning curve in how to take care of this body and overall system. Unfortunately, sometimes lessons at the body level are irreversible. For it takes a lot of curiosity, open mindedness, the will to experiment, the fortune of stumbling upon good knowledge that is useful and the good karma to live what is learned.

We are swimming in a sea of information when it comes to health issues. Oftentimes, different ideas completely contradict each other. The different proponents are more than certain that their way is the only way for everyone and there is no two ways about it.

How do we know what is good for us and what is not? For, after all, all we wanted was to do our best to be and to remain healthy.

Perhaps all the dietary ideas are right and are wrong. We must ask ourselves at this very moment what does our body need? Our current state of health determines what we need to put into our body. For example, if our body is toxic and too yang then we need to have lighter food like fruit and vegetables and detox herbs. If our body is weak and deficient then we may need heavier food like bone broth and organ meat to rebuild it.

Could it be possible that what you need to eat depends on who you are? your age? current health condition? your gender? level of physical activity? life stresses? where you live? your climate? your overall environment? your job? your financial condition? just to name a few factors.

But the one thing we all should respect is the old school saying of "one man's food is another man's poison" - this remains ever so true. We tend to get hurt in the long run when our mind gets stuck in dietary dogmas instead of listening to the body and adjusting accordingly.

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1 May 2018

Welcome to my new website and my new blog.

In this blog, I will be writing on a variety of subjects, including giving you snapshots of the text of my new book. I will also be addressing the major health issues of our day and how to reduce the stresses that cause us to have clogged up flow systems in our bodies that result in bad health. If you have started a treatment with me and you need extra supplies of herb capsules, these can be obtained from or by emailing me at

I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog, following my advice, and gradually starting to realise just how much healthier you can become.