Qi gong is a very handy tool to cultivate our spiritual development by working on activating, connecting and channeling ever more qi through our body. Qi is more than life force.

Herbal Formulas / Tonic Herbs

Our Reasons for Being - We do our best to find the cleanest and best herbs, herbal extracts and make the best formulas we can. All the formulas we make are for practical reasons, to meet the health needs of our....

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Herbal Cleansing

I always use Ming Herbal Cleanse formulas as one of the main, first steps to radically improve my clients’ health. The formulas are time tested over the years. Many of my clients start to experience better energy and glow after......

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Health Assessment

There are different ways to understand the causes of health symptoms which often times include pathogens, deficiencies or poor function of the internal organs, toxicity, nutrition, mental and emotional disharmonies. To me, it is less important .......

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